About ACRE


ACRE is a business-orientated centre of excellence that provides education and training, professional development and mentorship programmes aimed at construction and real estate professionals and practitioners on the African continent towards shaping mastery in professional practice, developing emerging talent and training in best practice skills.

Through applying best practices in training, evidence-based knowledge development, academic support programs, and professional mentorships, ACRE stands best positioned to take major issues and challenges facing the development of practical skills and mastery and advancing leadership talent in construction and real estate on the African continent.

Our approach is based on four fundamentals central to the advancement and transformation of education and skills development provision in construction and real estate on the African continent. The fundamentals are academic support, candidacy and mentorship, education and training, and research and market intelligence.

Our fundamentals align with our vision for a transformed built environment sector and economic empowerment through knowledge development and education – a transformation already taking place. ACRE aims to contribute to the acceleration over the coming decades.

Our Vision

Be one of Africa’s leading continuing education and career training providers shaping professionals for mastery in the built environment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver programmes that ignite professionals in the built environment to grow the required mastery of world best practices and to empower candidates through mentorship to develop professional capability, with the aim to inspire professionals to lead in their world of work and contribute to the advancement of others.



  • Partner with business organizations, education (training) providers, professional councils, and government institutions to develop and implement candidacy support systems, professional development studies, and programs aimed at young leaders to empower new graduates and early career professionals to be equipped to attain career progression or acquire professional registration.
  • Create a continental platform and a network of construction and real estate professionals, practitioners, and academics
  • Become a platform for intelligence on education and training, best practices, and innovation; make accessible resources and produce campaigns in this regard.
  • Collaborate with business organizations, youth and student bodies, professional councils and government institutions on delivering and actioning the mission of the organization to ensure relevant results-driven professional development, mentorship and knowledge development agenda.